Social Distancing Flooring

The effects of Covid-19 are likely to be with us for a protracted period of time.


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Social Distancing Flooring

The effects of Covid-19 are likely to be with us for a protracted period of time.

It is the responsibility of every office, school, college, university, etc to ensure that Social Distancing Guidelines are implemented and followed. Clear instructions and signage are essential in reminding building users, staff, visitors, students etc of their obligations to follow guidelines. Self adhesive labels can be effective on smooth floors however they have limited durability on carpet tiles. Hazard tape whilst providing a temporary solution needs to be regularly replaced and can itself create a trip hazard for users.

Carpet Tiles for Social Distancing

At Paynters Contract Flooring in Bradford we offer a range of carpet tile solutions that will integrate into existing carpet tiles installations to provide clear and effective guidance. Directional arrow and distance markers along with reminders for hand-washing etc provide clear instructions throughout the building at relatively low cost. The tiles are stylish long lasting and provide a low maintenance, low cost solution to your social distancing strategy.

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Whilst we continue to come to terms with the new normal, it is important that building users receive regular high visibility prompts to ensure and maintain the ongoing personal responsibilities for personal hygiene and social distancing.

Multi-coloured tiles provide a striking visual image and compliment the rainbow colours associated with the support for our front-line key workers.

Traffic flow is key to ensuring social distancing can be maintained whilst building users move around the workplace.

Direction arrows set into existing floor tiles provide clear instructions to all users. The tiles won’t wear off or need replacing like temporary stickers and tapes. These types of tiles can enhance the visual appearance and aesthetics of office environments .

Floor direction tiles come in a vast range of colours and designs often to complement corporate colours. Using different colours can help in zoning specific areas.

Social Distance Carpet Tiles

We work with all major carpet manufacturers. Please click on the links below to see their catalogues detailing available designs and colour options for social distancing flooring solutions.