Retail Flooring

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Retail Flooring

Experts in Retail Flooring – The retail environment has seen a transformation over recent years. Today the shopping experience and environment play just as much a part as the demand for goods that are on sale.

Flooring is now used to provide a practical but welcoming ambience. It allows the more discerning retailers to brand themselves in a unique and different way using creative floor designs to differentiate themselves from their competitors and encourage greater footfall.

Designs have ranged in style from plain, to subtle right through to visually stunning. Nowadays retail flooring solutions can incorporate colour, shape, and texture into the floor. Vinyl floorcoverings simulate naturals products such as stone or wood, which can mix and match with more modern abstract designs. This flexibility allows retailers to create localised zones in store to promote certain retail lines, or to create a visual invitation to guide shoppers through the store in a specific way. These types of floorcoverings are generally much cheaper than their natural counterparts, more comfortable underfoot and easier to maintain.

Flooring solutions for retail need to be extremely hardwearing. High levels of footfall, POS display systems, merchandising systems, stock cages, pallet trucks etc will put enormous strain on a floor. It is essential that Retail Flooring can withstand all of this over many years to provide guaranteed years of performance and still look good.

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We have over 35 years experience

We have over 35 years experience in supplying some of the most recognised retailers on the high street with high quality flooring solutions. Whether a bank, a restaurant, a clothing boutique, hair salon, optician, or major supermarket, Paynters Contract Flooring have the flooring products and installation experience to transform your retail space. Over the last 10 years we have supplied and fitted over 500,000m² of Retail Flooring. Often this has been to extremely tight timeframes to ensure the retailer can get the store operational in the shortest possible time.

Whatever your requirements, we have the soft flooring solution and experience in fitting to provide you a retail floor that enhances your customers shopping experience to strengthen your sale potential.