Sports Hall & Gym Flooring

A comprehensive range of Commercial and Contract Quality Gym, Sports and Dance flooring solutions in rubber and vinyl from a sports flooring and dance flooring specialist.


Sports Hall & Gym Flooring

Sport is the lifeblood of our nation, and it is right that our athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages have the best Sports Hall & Gym Flooring to train on. As a sports flooring provider in Leeds and Bradford, we aim to provide a wide variety of flooring solutions to suit all requirements and budgets, whilst encouraging the next generation of sportspeople. Our sports flooring installations can be seen across education, fitness, sports and hospitality markets.

We aim to offer flexible, multi-use Sports Hall & Gym Flooring options that can be used for a variety of sports and other uses. These systems are used extensively in education, and multi-purpose leisure centres and studios. These types of floors provide high levels of impact resistance to avoid injury when used for sports, and excellent indentation resistance when purposed for other uses (e.g. tables and chairs used during exams or in a combined hall and dining area).

We can also provide line marking to suit the requirements and sports activities that will be using the area. These types of Sports Hall & Gym Flooring systems offer a balance between slip and grip as required for different sporting activities. They also provide significant reductions in friction temperature during a fall to reduce those nasty friction burns.

We aim to ensure that our Sports Hall & Gym Flooring is designed and developed with the sport itself in mind and to ensure maximum safety for users. High density rubber tiling and shock pad systems for use in free weights areas would be a typical example. We also supply and fit hardwearing sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles and interlocking tiles that are more suited to Cardio areas. And not forgetting comfortable non-slip flooring and coved skirting for shower and changing areas.

Our solutions are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally stable and extremely hardwearing. More importantly however, our floors are chosen to meet the technical requirements and performance criteria for the end use.

We supply Sports Hall & Gym Flooring from manufacturers who are world leaders in synthetic sports floor technology. So whether you are looking for flooring for a general-purpose sports hall for multi-sports use, aerobic and cardiac studio, free weights or gymnasium, we have the right solution.

Our sports hall & gym flooring experts can offer a wide variety of vibrant colour options to suit almost any situation, and endeavour to help you make the right choices.

Vinyl Dance Flooring

The UK’s love of dancing has encouraged numerous dance studios to open their doors all over the country. Whether you’re a professional, a school, theatre or a dancing dad, we can assist in choosing the right floor for you.

We can provide a vast array of synthetic flooring for nearly every type of dance or dance studio, be it for Theatrical Performance, Ballet, Zumba, Swing or Salsa. We will endeavour to assist you in your choice of surface, to ensure than you’re not only getting a quality floor, but you’re also going to get a quality dance out of it. We aim to provide flooring that is low maintenance, hard-wearing, but also supports the activities to be conducted on it.

Maximum versatility and flexibility

We work diligently to specify and install dance flooring that keeps safety at the forefront, whilst also being effective in whichever scenario it is to be used, therefore allowing maximum versatility and flexibility of use. We source materials from the leading exponents of dance floor systems.

We would be more than happy to advise on the type and performance of synthetic sports flooring systems that best fit the specific requirements for your installation. We’re just a call or an email away.