Healthcare Flooring

An extensive range of Contract Quality Hospital & Healthcare Flooring from a hospital & healthcare specialist flooring contractor.


Healthcare Flooring

The healthcare sector is a complex and busy environment. It goes without saying that all floor coverings must be extremely hard wearing. A hospital floor generally has to withstand all kinds of conditions, and experiences significantly heavier footfall than normal from staff, patients and families, trolleys and other medical equipment that is in constant mobile use across all clinical areas.

Alongside the demands of wearability, floors used in healthcare environments need to be easy to maintain and help in the fight to reduce any surface build-up of bacteria and support infection control measures. Anti-bacterial components in some floor finishes help reduce the possible build-up of MRSA and C-diff.

We can also add navigational signage and aesthetically pleasing visuals to aid staff and patients in navigating what is often an unfamiliar, confusing and for some an intimidating environment.

As a hospital and healthcare flooring provider based in Leeds and Bradford, we can offer a comprehensive range of designs and styles of flooring that can be used across different healthcare departments, and suitable for hospitals, doctors, dentists, health clinics, etc. Areas requiring flooring can range from circulation zones, waiting rooms, clinical and consultation areas, wards, treatment rooms, operating theatres or laboratories. Every installation is carefully considered depending on its end use to ensure the correct floor finish is specified.

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An Effective Healthcare Flooring Solution

Resilient flooring products like vinyl, linoleum and rubber are the preferred choice for use in healthcare environments. They types of floor finishes are impervious and easy to clean. Resilient flooring is normally fitted in roll/sheet form with fully welded seams on material edges. The floor generally extends slightly up the wall at the room perimeters to create a self-coved skirting detail. This further aids staff in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. It simplifies cleaning regimes and ensures that bacterial build up cannot occur in nooks and crannies around room perimeters.

Flooring for any environment in Healthcare

Non-slip vinyl flooring is an effective solution for wc’s, wetrooms, bathrooms, or in other areas where additional enhanced slip resistance is required. We can also supply and fit specialist or bespoke flooring.

These could include flooring with enhanced acoustic characteristics to reduce the transfer of impact noise, or static dissipative and electro conductive flooring for specialist areas within the healthcare sector such as Xray or MRI scanning areas.

Safe for Hospital Use

The health sector is working around the clock to stay one step ahead, so hospital and healthcare flooring must adhere to the rigorous cleaning standards required. The floor is a significant risk to maintaining a sterilised and safe environment. The key criteria for flooring in these situations is that they are easy to clean and maintain to reduce the risk of cross contamination and maximise infection control.

Our overall mission is to provide an affordable solution for hospital and healthcare flooring, that functions well in whatever situation it is installed into, with flexibility and adaptability being key. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any aspect of hospital and healthcare flooring, we will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have. We are the number one choice for hospital and healthcare flooring in Leeds and Bradford.