Carpet Tiles

The installation of new commercial carpet tiles and planks can really give your office a new lease of life providing a modern sophisticated look


Carpet tile Suppliers

Carpet tiles can turn your commercial property into a welcoming, warm, and vibrant environment for your staff to work in and be proud of. Our carpet tile services provide the flexibility to create walkways or workzones into a floor layout without major increases in cost.

The modular format will also allow even the smallest of floor sections to be replaced or renewed with ease should the need ever arise. To explore the wide variety of carpet tile options and modern planks we have in our Leeds and Bradford base, get in touch with Paynters Contract Flooring today.

Variety of Carpet Tile Styles and Colours

We have an extensive range of commercial carpet tiles available to suit your office personality, style, and budget. All our tiles are commercially rated so even the cheapest tiles offer great quality and choice at an affordable price

To find out more about our carpet tile and commercial flooring services, just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.

Range of Carpet Tiles We Offer

At Paynters Contract Flooring we pride ourselves on the quality of our carpet tile installations. We supply & fit fibre bonded, structure bonded, tufted loop pile, tufted cut pile, flocked and printed tiles.

Carpet tile finishes for commercial spaces need to have the durability to stand up to the high volumes of foot traffic, wear from caster chairs etc. Inferior materials or poor installation can increase the rate of wear which will impact significantly on the longevity of an installation. It is important therefore that you select the right product and have it installed by an experienced and trusted contractor with a proven track record.

The recent introduction of carpet tiles in a plank shape format combined with new designs incorporating contrasting and complementary colours and textures can provide really interesting design concepts.

Fibre bonded and structure bonded tiles are extremely hardwearing and used extensively across the education and manufacturing sectors to meet the most challenging environments for textile floorcoverings.

Tufted tiles vary considerably in style, design and surface texture. Pricing can vary substantially but there is sufficient scope to create something unique on even the most modest of budgets if necessary. Some carpet tiles can also be supplied with cushioned backing which provides additional comfort underfoot and enhanced acoustic performance.

Looking after the environment

Flocked and printed carpet tiles provide additional design options to create some truly stunning and sometimes quirky looking installations.

All our suppliers and manufacturers are committed to upholding their environmental responsibilities. Many commercial carpet tiles are manufactured using high levels of recycled materials to provide customers with the best possible BREEAM rated tiles for their fit-out.

There is a heavy focus on re-use and recycling opportunities at the end of the product’s life, providing the highest level of sustainability.