Smooth Vinyl Flooring in Bradford & Leeds

Smooth vinyl flooring in sheet or tiles are a great choice for commercial installation projects where hygiene and resilience are essential. The vinyl sheet and vinyl tiles are typically 2-3mm thick and most products now have a polish-free Polyurethane surface.

The material has a smooth surface finish which is impervious to water and mildew. Many products are resistance to many everyday chemicals and have antimicrobial properties. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, which makes sheet vinyl flooring an ideal choice for infection control in clinical installations when fitted with welded seams and coved skirtings.

We supply and fit an assortment of smooth vinyl flooring from our office base in Leeds & Bradford. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs including marble and stone, timber effects, abstract and non-directional decorative designs.

Specialist vinyl flooring products are also available that provide unique benefits for specific technical applications. For example, where enhanced acoustic performance, reducing static build up, and performance sports criteria need to be met.

Non-Slip Vinyl & Safety Flooring in Bradford & Leeds

Non-slip safety vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for bath & shower rooms, commercial kitchens, reception areas, entrances, and other areas where the floor surface has the potential to get wet. The correct selection of a suitable non-slip rated floorcovering will significantly reduce the risk of trips and falls in a commercial setting. The appropriate use of safety flooring will help reduce the potential for personal injury claims against business and property owners.

Non-slip vinyl has all the characteristics of smooth vinyl but with the added benefit of having enhanced slip resistance. These products have abrasive particles that are embedded into the material during manufacture which add texture. Some non-slip vinyl products have a dimpled surface and others have a raised texture for additional slip resistance performance. The slip rating for these products typically ranges from R10 to R12.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) provide an extremely hard wearing decorative floor covering that is often difficult to differentiate from the real product (e.g Stone and Wood). There is an infinite number of design possibilities combining colours, shapes and layouts that are available.

Your choice can range from a traditional look to a truly bespoke design floor created to your choice and available budget.

Woven Vinyl

Woven vinyl is a relatively new concept in the commercial flooring sector. Combining texture with shape and colour brings a whole new and fresh dynamic to commercial building interiors. Clients now have the opportunity to have a resilient floor covering that offers something out of the ordinary.



Quality Vinyl Flooring Supply and Fitting in Yorkshire

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We have direct accounts with all the UK and European manufacturers producing vinyl flooring including AltroAmticoForboGerflorItecJaymartKandeaModuleoPolyflor, and Tarkett.

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