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When someone mentions the words ‘vinyl’ and ‘flooring’ in the same sentence, are the first things that enter your head might be ‘cheap’, ‘marked’ and ‘70s’? Vinyl flooring in decades past became very attached to a particular look and suffered a number of disadvantages that have sullied its reputation since.

This is definitely not the case nowadays however! Vinyl flooring is making a huge comeback and is now seen as highly fashionable.

Here’s why!

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from the latest technology and constructed with a very hard-wearing plastic material that makes it one of the most durable flooring options out there. Vinyl flooring is both highly comfortable too, with a cushioned bottom layer that makes walking on it a luxurious experience. Though vinyl may look similar to laminate planks, they are in fact quite different!


Thanks to the advent of new technologies, flooring manufacturers now have the ability to make vinyl flooring that looks almost identical to high-end materials at a price that most people can afford. No longer is getting this look a toss-up between getting something expensive in a small part of the house versus a larger area in a cheap material. Compared to other flooring materials, vinyl offers great value combined with top quality capabilities – no wonder it’s so popular!


Vinyl flooring is famous for being one of the most versatile floor materials out there. It’s completely waterproof which means that it is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as well as any other room of the house – no more shouting at the kids when they leave huge puddles of water when they get out of the bath! In contrast to the typical vinyl flooring look of the 1970s, vinyl flooring tiles nowadays come in a vast range of colours and textures. This means that not only can you choose your flooring to suit the delicate decor of your living room, it means you can also choose a softer and more comfortable texture for the most leisurely place in your home!

Green Flooring

Vinyl certainly does not have a great reputation when it comes to sustainability…in the 1970s! Modern day vinyl is subject to a host of important environmental regulations and its manufacturing process is far more efficient and less polluting. Today you can get your floor decked out in vinyl and go to sleep in the knowledge that you have done your part in keeping Earth beautiful in these ecologically sensitive times.

Paynters Contract Flooring

If you’ve got your eye on some vinyl flooring for your kitchen then look no farther than Paynters Contract Flooring. We are a highly experienced and reputable flooring business that have served the Yorkshire area for years and years. Whether its vinyl, rubber, linoleum, carpet or carpet tiles, we offer you the skill and expertise to transform your home now! Why not give us a call on 01274 400 092 or send us an email via sales@paynters.comfor a consultation today?