Rubber Flooring in Leeds and Bradford

At Paynters Contract Flooring, we offer a range of high-quality rubber flooring products from our base in Bradford and Leeds. If you are looking for a suitable flooring for your commercial environment, such as a gym or warehouse, atrium, or stairwell, in healthcare, education, sports, transportation, retail, etc. rubber flooring can be the ideal solution. The material is extremely durable and slip resistant, enhancing safety and providing longevity of flooring when used in commercial environments.

 Rubber flooring is available in many different forms (rolls, tiles, or individual mats) depending on the type and specific application. Some types of rubber are static dissipative, have enhanced slip resistance or acoustic performance. Other types offer resistance to high impact loads for use in free weights areas in gymnasiums. Rubber flooring can be supplied with a smooth, textured (e.g. fluted, studded) or riven (stone) surface texture. An extensive range of choice in colour and design is available.

Most Rubber flooring is free of PVC, phthalates, platicizers and halogens making it a perfect environmental choice as a durable floor covering. Rubber is resistant to cigarette burns and fire retardant making it ideal for use in public buildings, healthcare, transport and education. It has a high wear resistance, high compressive strength with low indentation, moisture resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Rubber is warm to the touch and provides greater walking and standing comfort compared to other types of floor finish.


Over 35 years experience supplying rubber flooring

We have over 35 years experience supplying rubber flooring and we will advise which type of rubber flooring will best meet your needs.  Our installation teams are fully trained at installing rubber flooring systems.

We use quality subfloor materials and adhesives to ensure that the flooring continues to perform and retain it’s appearance. We ensure we remain competitive and will provide a comprehensive price for your bespoke installation.


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