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Anyone who runs a hotel will want to give guests the best experience possible and there are lots of things that you can do to enhance the customer experience. One thing that you may not have considered, however, is the flooring of your hotel rooms. Below we discuss reasons to fit your hotel rooms with carpet and the benefits this has for your guests.

Keep your guests warm

Tiles and hard floors are very rarely warm, unless you have the luxury of underfloor heating. Decorating hotel rooms with carpet will help to keep your guests’ feet warm, as well as providing a soft and plush floor. No one likes getting out of the bath onto icy cold tiles, or getting out of bed in the morning onto cold hard flooring. Fitting high-quality carpet into hotel rooms gives your guests that extra bit of luxury.

In addition to keeping feet warm, adding a layer of carpet to a room provides better insulation due to the packed nature of the fibres. During winter, carpets trap heat and, during the warmer months, carpet helps to maintain cool indoor temperatures.

Ensure guests get a good night’s sleep

Carpet has noise-cancelling properties and helps to absorb the sound that echoes around a room better than any hard floorcovering. Fitting hotel rooms with carpet means that not only will guests be more comfortable walking around, but those in rooms below will be less disrupted by the noise of those walking around above them. This means that everyone will get a better night’s sleep and be less disrupted by other guests staying around them.

Rooms look visually pleasing

Carpets come in lots of different patterns, designs and styles and therefore you can be sure that you will find a design to suit the style of your rooms. Coloured carpets bring light and vibrancy to a room, complementing other pieces of furniture and adding a touch of luxury. If your rooms follow a specific theme, adding a carpet that fits with this theme can tie a whole room together and make the interior far more appealing to guests, showing that thought has gone into the design of the room.

Keep guests safe

Compared to other types of floor covering, carpets are considered to be the safest option. Naturally, the safety of your guests should be a top priority; fitting your hotel rooms with carpet not only reduces the chance of slips and falls, but the soft resilient fibres of a carpet also provide a cushioning effect, decreasing stress on joints. If your hotel has a lot of families come to stay, fitting carpet can also be extremely beneficial for small children as it cushions their falls and means that they are less likely to slip.

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