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Whether you’re in charge of an office building or you manage a hotel, it’s likely you’ll want the space to excite your visitors. When it comes to business, first impressions are crucial. When clients or customers enter your property, one of the first things they will pick up on is the decor, so it’s important to design a building that’s aesthetically appealing to ensure visitors return.

Similarly, a commercial property must be practical as well as visually alluring. After all, a business is not going to boom if the space isn’t fit for purpose. A lot of decisions need to be made when renovating a business building, so why not start from the bottom and work your way up?

Deciding on a style of flooring for your business is not a decision to be made lightly. As well as creating a lasting impression on potential visitors, flooring can also have an impact on your staff members. Creating a positive work environment for your employees will propel them to work hard for the business, so it’s beneficial to consider all relevant parties to ensure you pick the right flooring for your company.

With aspects such as beauty, practicality and safety all being of vital importance, it’s hard to imagine there’s a flooring option that ticks all of these boxes. It should come as no surprise that different industry sectors will value different qualities when it comes to flooring. In other words, there’s not one overarching material that’s ideally suited to every business. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of five flooring styles along with which industries they are best suited to.

Why choose vinyl flooring?

Vinyl is a plastic constructed using ethylene and chlorine. When combined, the substances blend to form Polyvinyl Chloride (or PVC). Over time, this has been shortened to vinyl. As well as being relatively inexpensive, vinyl is known for being extremely durable and hard-wearing, making it a cost-effective option for flooring.

When you run a busy and bustling business, you need to be sure that you’re flooring is strong enough to withstand high levels of foot traffic. Vinyl is extremely resistant to wear and tear and due to its strength, it will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

If you’re wondering what business sectors vinyl flooring is best suited to, the possibilities are endless. From offices and shops to pubs and restaurants, vinyl can be applied almost anywhere due to its versatility. However, it is often used in healthcare and education buildings as it’s hygienic, easy to clean and slip-resistant.

When it comes to types of vinyl flooring, there are two overarching options to choose from:

Vinyl sheet

A vinyl sheet is one continuous roll of vinyl that is applied to an area of floor. Vinyl sheets are highly water resistant and are therefore ideal for office kitchens and commercial bathrooms.

Vinyl tiles

Individual vinyl tiles are assembled like a puzzle, creating the illusion of stone tiled flooring. Vinyl tiles can be arranged to make a pattern and can be very aesthetically appealing. Further to this, if a single tile is damaged, a simple replacement will ensure your floor looks good as new. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT’s) can be bought with a stone or ceramic finish and can even be textured to feel like the real thing.

Rubber flooring applications

From gymnasiums and play centres to offices and retail businesses, rubber is a great flooring option for venues that experience high levels of foot traffic. As well as being hard-wearing, rubber is slip-resistant, making it the perfect flooring application for fast-paced environments. If you run a large commercial building with multiple floors, rubber is a great material for staircases as the grip reduces the likelihood of stair related accidents.

Entire floors can be covered using rolls of rubber or rubber tiles, however, mats are also available. If you only wish to install rubber flooring in one area of a room, mats are the most cost-effective way of doing so.

Rubber flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, making it ideal for playgrounds and nurseries. It’s water resistant qualities will ensure it doesn’t suffer rain damage in adverse weather conditions, and it’s also extremely easy to maintain.

Available in a wide variety of colours, rubber flooring can be adapted and customised to suit a multitude of different industries. At Paynters Contract Flooring, we have the expertise and experience needed to ensure your new rubber flooring stands the test of time. To find out more about what we’ve accomplished, click here to visit our gallery.

Linoleum flooring in commercial buildings

If you’re conscious of how your business is impacting the environment, linoleum (or lino) is the perfect flooring option for you. Lino is largely comprised of renewable materials such as linseed oil and tree resins, making it a sustainable flooring choice. Similarly to vinyl, lino can come in both tile and sheet form depending on your requirements and it can be used in almost any industry. From office kitchen spaces to restaurant bathroom facilities, lino is a popular flooring choice as it’s easy to clean, water resistant and requires very little maintenance.

Lino flooring is available in a variety of different colours and different effects can be applied to tiles to create a truly unique design. Further to this, most lino floors are covered with a UV cured finish to ensure they don’t fade or discolour over time.

Arguably the most appealing aspect of lino flooring is the price. As it’s constructed using natural materials, lino is often cheaper than other flooring options. With this in mind, if you’re looking to cut costs without sacrificing on quality, lino is the perfect flooring solution for your business.

Carpet flooring for your business

In contrast to domestic carpets, commercial carpets are crafted using the latest technology to ensure they’re suitably strong and long-lasting. As a textile floor covering, carpet is extremely comfortable underfoot and can also help insulate a commercial space.

Of all five flooring options, carpet is arguably the most flexible when it comes to design. Whether you’re looking for a carpet that makes a statement or a neutral coloured floor that blends in, there’s a wealth of variety for you to choose from.

Due to its warm, homely feel, carpeting is often seen in the hospitality industry for businesses such as pubs, restaurants and hotels. Carpets made using polypropylene are often used for office flooring as they are highly durable and can often be stain resistant.

Carpet tiles: an alternative to traditional carpets

Available in a square or plank shape, carpet tiles can be put together to create a truly unique commercial floor. Fibre bonded tiles have fibre webs that are interlocked using felting needles. This style of tile is extremely resilient and is often used in businesses with high foot traffic such as schools and offices.

Alternatively, flocked tiles are much smoother as the fibres are densely packed. Although perhaps not as durable, flocked tiles can really enhance the aesthetics of an office and can be purchased in a variety of different colours.

Tufted carpet tiles are also commonly seen in commercial buildings. Yarns are tufted into a pre-woven backing and needles push the yarn through. As well as being relatively easy to make, tufted carpets provide a luxury floor covering for your business.

Similarly to traditional carpets, carpet tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. Not only are they hard-wearing, but they are also easy to replace if they become stained or damaged.

Paynters Contract Flooring: commercial and industrial flooring options at an affordable price

At Paynters Contract Flooring, we have over 30 years of experience fitting floors to suit a wide variety of businesses. From offices and schools to healthcare and sports facilities, we serve an array of industries and our team is fully trained to deliver high-quality customer service.

After supplying you with the right flooring for your business, we will ensure it’s expertly fitted so that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished product.

To discuss your flooring requirements with a member of our team, contact us today and set your business apart with Paynters Contract Flooring.